Aiduos Glue For Eyelash Extensions

Aiduos Glue For eyelash extensions only

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Aiduos Glue For eyelash extensions only

1.size :10 ml 

2.Stability : semi-permenent 

3.Features : Odorless eyelash extension glue

Instructions for use:

* Temperature 12-18 Put cool antibacterial Store in place

・ Prevents sunshine and prevents the high temperature from getting wet

* 6 months of sealed storage before opening, 1 month of use after opening .

High-end professional eyelash glue, high durability, natural and no trace

2 seconds quick dry fast.

A professional eyelash extension glue specially developed for eyelash artists, it can be set in 2 seconds to improve your speed!

Not easy to fall off and lasts for 60 days

Strong stickiness, good firmness, can avoid the embarrassment of falling off, lasting up to 40-60 days, making makeup more technical, no after-sales troubles


1. Shake for 2-3 minutes for the first use

2. Glue drops into a full circular shape, clamp the false eyelashes, so that the roots are dipped in glue.

 3. Glue the true and false eyelashes at a distance of 0.1mm from the roots in a sliding way, it only takes 2 seconds to set the shape, skilled The eyelash artist can save a lot of time.

Keep method

Store in a cool temperature of 10℃-18℃, put it in a sealed bag to prevent ultraviolet radiation, and put it in a sealed bag together with a desiccant to prevent moisture. The shelf life is 45 days. New products need to be replaced.

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