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Citty International Est Trade .(Hairbright agents)

Citty international was established in 1996 by owner and founder Mr. Adnan Rajeh it started as small shop in one of the local malls in Jordan, Mr. Adnan had a vision about establishing one place where any lady or customer can find whatever she/he needs to be prefect and glamour.
In 2006 Citty international lunched its first brand Hairbright(citty international est trade), with a series starts from (hair dyeing products , electronics , hair replacement system such as wigs & extensions and beauty salons products ); All products has the approval from JFDA (Jordan food and drug association), in 2012 Citty international added a new brand Kleral system(citty international est trade)to its firm, the series consist of hair dye products and large collection of excellent hair treatments items imported from Italy , it also approved by JFDA. citty international vision constantly evolving to keeping up with the customers need it add new brand Reva protein(citty international est trade)"100 % secure hair straightening product .
Citty international marked for having the largest collection of hair types (Natural human hair, synthetic hair) also had the largest collection of (extension, hair wigs, Toupees) to exceed our customers expectations .
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