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1. Use hot water to soften the beard before shaving, open the pores and cleanse the skin.

2. Use shaving oil or gel before shaving to smooth the shaving process and protect the skin.

3. Using a shaving cream, simmer for at least 20 seconds.

4. Brush the beard with a brush so that it does not stick to the face and soften the beard.

5. Choose a good quality razor with a proper weight and a good balance.

6. Scrape along the direction of the beard growth. If it is reversed, the razor will be damaged and the beard may grow into the skin. If the throat beard grows in the opposite direction to the face, for example, if it grows upwards, it must be scraped up.

7. Do not apply heavy pressure to the razor, otherwise it may cause damage to the razor and irritate the skin. Simply slide the razor on your face gently.

8. Rinse with cold water after shaving to help shrink the pores.

9. In case of accidental scratching, please use dampened Mingfan stone to help stop bleeding.

10. Use skin lotion to calm and soothe the skin after shaving. For sensitive skin types, it is recommended to use a non-alcoholic care hydrogel. The main ingredients are aloe vera and witch hazel, which give off a light fragrance.

11. Finally, rinse the shaving brush, drain the water, and place the bristles down on the stand to dry.

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